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Started in 2011, Snow World Entertainment has been operating at a rapid level for almost a decade. Today we have grown into a company with employee strength of 500. The group is putting all its efforts towards being a distinguished player in the amusement industry. The best in technology and concepts are being employed to take over the Indian market, reassuring visitors to step and experience beyond their imagination. Each of our projects is a unique testament to the World of Entertainment; be it - Snow World, The Game, XOXO – The Casual Lounge, Pink Wasabi and many more. The projects under the group umbrella are prudently outlined to provide a perfect blend of adrenaline rush and elation. Acts as a conduit for innovation and creativity in those essential sectors of businesses in India, which inherit a personal need of an Individual. The company is enthusiastic to implement the leading-edge technologies and products in strategic alliance with world-class international corporations, to create landmark destinations across the nation, in the field of Entertainment and Tourism.

Prasuk Jain is the driving force and inspiration behind this development. To him, it’s all about providing unique and never before experienced thrills that exceed the expectations of his customers at the same time keeping up with the international trends within all the business verticals. Creative and resourceful thinking is in the DNA of this man.

Vision & Mission: Whatever Businesses we are into, must improve the experiences and the lives of as many people as possible. Our businesses must be validated by our conscience on the ecological implications and must add a new dimension to amusement of the Indian audience.

Experience the magic of winters at Snow World where you can enjoy snowy adventures in an indoor park with the mercury dropping to as low as -10 degree Celsius. Look forward to get a sneak peek in the lives of the Eskimos while you indulge in some amazing activities like Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and of course, Snow fights. We fully equip you with sanitized Parka Jackets, Snow boots & Gloves that keep you warm in the freezing cold.

Locations Mumbai Navi Mumbai Noida Ahmedabad

Spread across a sprawling 25000 sq. ft. area, The Game - India’s premium indoor entertainment destination, opens its doors at The Atria Mall. We welcome you to a world full of fun, thrill and exhilaration encompassing a range of one-of-a-kind activities to keep you supremely entertained. The Game brings to you never-seen-before experiences that boasts of world class technology and state-of-the-art interiors. Be it Gyro, Air Walk or our Magic Bowling Lanes, we bring to you what nobody can.

Locations Worli - Mumbai Bandra - Mumbai BKC - Mumbai Seawoods - Mumbai Powai - Mumbai Chandigarh

XOXO – the abbreviation for hugs & kisses resonates as the millennial medium of interpersonal expressions. Conversations, texts, tweets, emoticons and gestures take precedence over the traditional communication modes.
Everything at XOXO takes you aboard on a sensational journey across the globe with the best of cocktails and cuisines. The aesthetics of the space pulsate the vibrant, eccentric and youthful spirit of the present-day generation embarking you on a euphoric culinary adventure. Progressive cuisine coupled with a premium range of spirits set the vibe of the place, just right!

Locations Worli - Mumbai Seawoods - Mumbai New Delhi Noida

Pink Wasabi embodies the true meaning of gourmet delights through its every element, from the thoughtfully curated menu to the distinctive decor that exudes sassy vibes. Upon arrival, diners are welcomed with rose-adorn interiors, wisteria-covered exteriors and candy-floss pink furnishings. The aesthetics of the space pulsate the vibrant, eccentric, and youthful spirit of the present-day generation embarking on a euphoric culinary adventure. The restaurant exterior is covered with a shade that lets you bask in the summer sun, and turns into a candlelit canopy during late evening hours. With ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tea party vibes, the restaurant creates that picture-perfect moment, every time.

Locations Juhu - Mumbai New Delhi Chandigarh

Experience an authentic sneak peek into the life of the ranchers of the wild west country side only at Game Ranch, Powai & Malad. Indulge in authentic South American, Texas and Mexican cuisine with flavoursome food options and heavenly cocktails. From Chicago-style Deep Pizzas to Charcoal Tacos to Messy Rancher’s Meaty Platters, get ranch-ed with your taste palate! Gather your herd to revel in our bestseller and Ranch special Chicken Burgers, Chef Signature bowls and fun fusion cocktails.

Locations Powai - Mumbai Malad - Mumbai Nalla Sopara - Mumbai

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Plot No. 126, Mathuradas Mill Compound, NM Joshi Marg, next to Toit Brewery, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013.

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