Snow World Entertainment

Who We Are

Snow World Entertainment was established in 2011 with a vision to redefine entertainment across India. Over the past decade, Snow World Entertainment has rapidly expanded, now boasting the most diverse portfolio of experiential dining and entertainment centres across the nation. Committed to innovation and excellence, Snow World Entertainment integrates cutting-edge technology and visionary concepts to captivate visitors beyond imagination.

Under the leadership of Prasuk Jain, Snow World Entertainment has become synonymous with unparalleled thrills and unique experiences. From iconic destinations like Snow World and The Game to chic lounges such as The Game Palacio and culinary delights at Amazonia, each project under the Snow World Entertainment umbrella promises a perfect blend of excitement and joy.

Snow World Entertainment acts as a conduit for creativity and innovation in India's entertainment landscape, partnering with global leaders to create landmark destinations nationwide. With a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries, Snow World Entertainment continues to shape the future of entertainment and tourism with world-class offerings that surpass expectations.